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I work for The VideoMatic now:

Ask me for mail.
someone stole my motorbike......may his head fall off at an awkward moment
Did the editing!

Did a major overhaul of my room!

Did burn my old shoes!

Did get premiere pro to work....finally!

Did get my old CRT screen to work with the laptop....two screens now!

Done.full stop
Helluh, I'm 21 now, got a special friend, got a beard, got new strings for the guitarros, got a notebook from acer, havent got photoshop, got a lot of editing to do before the end of august and i'm tired of my tv.
working on alot of new stuff.....just not suited for DA, mostly books and short movies....too bad for you guys.

but not for me!
I'm off to Budapest from tomorrow till friday,

Bye all!
i'm getting more busy with school, and that means i have more work uploaded this month then ever! i'm on a roll!

time....a strange thing.
haha i was just checking out the line in my gallery...looks like i have phases, not really a definitive style but a process. i'm in my charcoal phase now.

i always say that i want to continue with the thing i'm working on at the moment, but i have a short art attention span. if something new bobs up, i thrust myself into it, and after 2 weeks i find something new.

not really relieable if you want to commission a work from me....

Looks like i'm gonna join in an art aid exposition, in which the whole profit is going to africa.

but which works can i use? or should i make some more?
for my taste, i'd like to have a more busy agenda with "fun work stuff"

this school work isnt getting to me. although its art academy but still.....things i make up are way more fun to make
Buy A drawing Tablet!!! see my new deviations, IT WORKS!!!
why cant you write your own discription of what you are? i cant decide!
i got some great idea's for a music video! and its coming to shape! its gonna work! animation combined with live action and some fightclub effects GREAT, i'm getting excited!
i'm bursting with idea's, just havent got the time to make them real.

oh well......